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  • Returning to work? RISE to the challenge with BHSF

    By BHSF

    With more and more people returning to their place of work for the first time since lockdown, BHSF can help employers make that transition as smooth as possible.

    Whether you’re focused on furloughed staff or employees who have been working from home for the last few months, BHSF have two invaluable products which can relieve the stress involved in adapting to what will undoubtedly be a very different working environment.

    BHSF RISE is an all-encompassing health and wellbeing service which offers 24/7 mental health support from trained professionals as well as a plethora of other services. BHSF Connect is an easy-to-use app which allows employees to contact a GP, seek financial & legal advice and even access discounts, all at the touch of a button.

    For leading clinician Dr Lucinda McWhor, the round-the-clock access to specialist support is what makes these products stand out.

    She said: “The BHSF Connect app really is a one-stop shop for all your health and wellbeing needs.

    “Put simply, there is expert physical and mental health support at your employees’ fingertips whenever they need it.”

    According to McWhor, a certain degree of trepidation is to be expected as employees start to contemplate a return to work after an unprecedented period of disruption and she urged employers to be more understanding than ever before.

    She said: “It’s only right that staff are given plenty of notice as to when they are due back in their normal working environment. As well as the logistics employees will need to prepare themselves mentally after being away for months. More importantly, employers need to be patient and allow staff time to get back into a routine.

    “Another thing employers need to be mindful of is the different attitudes towards Covid-19. Some people are more relaxed about it now whereas others are still quite anxious. All of a sudden you’re probably going to have a situation where employees with contrasting outlooks will be working alongside each other; one obeying the latest guidelines and the other probably not doing so. An issue like that would need to be handled so sensitively.”

    McWhor continued: “It’s also crucial that employers continually inform staff of the latest guidelines because it won’t be long before people start to feel comfortable again. There’s no harm in repeating this information and also in finding new ways of relaying it.”

    Click here to find out more about BHSF Connect and BHSF RISE.


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