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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Returning to the workplace eBook: Engaging your people in the change process

    By Hive HR

    Most organisations are now set up to operate remotely, with flexibility and trust the key components of employee engagement. But now that we have the option of returning to “normal”, we’re presented with a choice: should we go back, should we continue as we have been since the pandemic hit, or should we do something different?

    One thing is clear: we can’t go back to a world of work not designed for the people in it—the same one that previously caused record levels of disengagement.

    The word “unprecedented” has been used countless times in the past year, and that collective lack of experience makes having total confidence in our return to the workplace a bit of a pipe dream—but we can get pretty close!

    Shaping the future of work with employee feedback

    Decisions shouldn’t be a directive from the top; they need to be informed by those who are the driving force behind organisational success—your people.

    Many will be suffering with uncertainty; they might be worried about health and safety, whether they’ll be forced back into the workplace, or if they’ll ever recapture the same culture and camaraderie they had before.

    Even simply showing the commitment to listen to their concerns can do the world of good in managing their fears. Employee surveys give people the perfect platform to use their voice, but what other feedback do we need to gather?

    Organisations must understand what employees fundamentally need in order to carry out their roles effectively. When that’s in a communal workspace, it’s easier to control the things that affect engagement, wellbeing and productivity.

    But the increase in hybrid working means organisations don’t know exactly how fit-for-purpose people’s working environments are—calling for a more tailored, individual approach.

    That’s why it’s so important to amplify employee voice; people will always be more engaged with a future they help create, so stay in tune with how your people are feeling and let them help to guide the actions of the organisation.

    With the help of their People Scientists, employee voice platform Hive HR have created 12 ready-to-use employee survey questions to help you counter the uncertainty and make the most of the opportunity:

    Grab your question set: 12 Questions For Your Return to the Workplace Survey


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