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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Half of British offices ‘not good enough’

    A report released by Leesman, an assessor of workplace effectiveness, has analysed how organisations can better support employees by offering an office environment that actually works.

    The Next 250k global report was based on the results from more than 250,000 employees across 2,200+ workplaces in 67 countries. The study looks at how a poorly planned workplace can have a negative impact on employees, inhibiting their ability to perform. The data reveals a level of dissatisfaction among the workforce.

    The findings show that, while employers continue to face economic uncertainty, many of their employees are having to endure workplaces that fail to support their basic working day, obstructing their ability to positively contribute to business success.

    43% of employees globally do not agree that their workplace enables them to work productively. In the UK, that figure jumps to 46%. Therefore, in line with ONS employment figures, for over 1.3 million UK workers, the office is simply not ‘good enough’.

    “Great organisations build a business framework that enable their employees to do their best work,” commented Dr. Peggie Rothe PhD, who led the research. “The workplace is integral in this equation.

    “Offices are assets – tools in talent management strategies, gears in product innovation, instruments in brand development and organisational performance. The central findings of this study should concentrate attentions on how workplace strategies can support business competitiveness, not by cost mitigation but through increasing employee engagement, loyalty and output.”

    A full copy of the report can be downloaded here




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