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    Barnett Waddingham
  • D&I in 2021: How does your business measure up?

    By Talos powered by 360

    Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has become a key issue for HR managers across all sectors. A recent study by 360 Resourcing found that 98% of HR professionals think a diverse recruitment strategy is important, while only 35% feel their current strategy promotes diversity.

    It can be a challenge to remain in touch with the latest best practice D&I methods. Here we explore these, and assess how your own strategy measures up:

    Anonymised hiring tactics

    Anonymised hiring is one of the most popular D&I initiatives in recruitment. The practice sees candidates’ personal details, such as name, gender, and age, removed from application forms. This aims to reduce the risk of unconscious recruiter bias by eliminating factors that may bring about prejudice.

    Unconscious bias training

    Unconscious bias training has received mixed reception from HR professionals. Some see it as a positive way to improve D&I in recruitment practices, while others find it to be ineffective.

    Whatever your stance, it’s important to recognise the influence of unconscious bias on your D&I strategy. This is when recruiters’ hiring decisions are affected by prejudice to which they remain unaware – relating to anything from race/gender to accent.

    If the risk of unconscious bias is not mitigated, you’ll struggle to attract a diverse range of talent to your business.

    Inclusive recruitment ad campaigns

    93% of HR professionals surveyed by 360 want to improve their D&I strategy for talent attraction. This includes optimising hiring campaigns and job ads to promote inclusivity, and attract a more diverse range of candidates.

    It has become increasingly important to promote your brand’s inclusive values in hiring campaigns. This includes avoiding exclusive language (such as waitress, repairman, mature etc), as well as promoting the diversity of your workforce in employer brand material.

    Ensure your recruitment campaigns appeal to a wide range of talent. Broaden your search to include underrepresented groups; ensure these candidates feel confident in pursuing your brand’s vacancies. This may include those of a certain age, gender, sexuality, race, or physical ability.

    Discover anonymised hiring with Talos

    Talos is an all-in-one recruitment platform, helping you attract, manage, and hire the best new talent for your business.

    The platform enables anonymised hiring to reduce the effect of unconscious recruiter bias on your talent-acquisition strategy. Less important candidate information can be automatically removed, allowing you to pursue a skills-based, data-driven recruitment strategy.

    Start hiring a more diverse range of talent to your business: book a free demo today.


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