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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Why video interviewing is the next big thing

    By Talos powered by 360

    Video interviewing has quickly become a must-have feature for a hiring manager’s tech toolkit. The ability to engage candidates from a distance has a number of advantages, especially when managing large hiring campaigns.

    Here we discuss why video interviewing is the next big thing for employers:

    #1 – It increases accessibility

    Interviewing over video makes your hiring process more accessible for both candidates and your hiring team. Virtual sessions can be carried out at any time, and from anywhere, making it easier to engage with applicants who may face accessibility/commitment challenges.

    This is especially useful for colleagues with caring responsibilities, who may be unable to attend a face-to-face interview at a moment’s notice. Video interviewing allows employers and their candidates to meet from the comfort of their own home, while maintaining high-quality interaction.

    #2 – Enables WFH & overcomes geographical challenges

    With the increased demand for flexible working, with hybrid and working from home becoming increasing popular, it’s often impractical to schedule face-to-face interview sessions for each and every candidate.

    Video interviewing also allows you to meet with candidates in spite of any locational challenges, opening up your opportunities to a wider network of talent.

    #3 – It promotes diversity and inclusion

    Interviewing over video can be a great asset to your diversity and inclusion initiatives. Recording virtual sessions enables more key decision makers to be involved in the selection process, reducing the risk of individual recruiter bias.

    This is preferable to face-to-face interviews, at which only a limited number of stakeholders may be present. This can naturally lead to a greater risk of unconscious bias affecting hiring managers’ hiring choices.

    Want an easier way to interview candidates virtually?

    Talos is 360’s all-in-one recruitment suite, providing you with all the tools and resources you need to attract & hire the best new talent. The platform comes with a fully integrated remote hiring suite, allowing you to easily screen and interview candidates over video.

    Interview sessions can be booked within the system, giving candidates greater choice over when/where meetings take place.

    Discover an easier way to manage virtual interviews: book a free demo today.


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