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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Want to learn how to onboard remotely?

    By Talos

    Remote onboarding is a vital skill for recruiting in the new hybrid workplace model. It’s important to provide new remote employees with a positive hiring journey, while giving them the support they need to join your company remotely.

    Here’s how you can onboard and train remote employees with confidence:

    Have the right tools at hand

    Upgrade your HR tech toolkit to best facilitate remote onboarding. Use video communication software and onboarding microsites to deliver a supportive new hire experience.

    Make sure new recruits have all the resources they need to start their new roles successfully – including training material, employer brand information, and any necessary equipment.

    Onboarding platforms can be used to track the progress of new remote recruits, ensuring you can offer them a strong start with your company.

    Plan onboarding ahead of time

    Have a strong onboarding plan in place before your new employee joins your company. Work out how you will welcome them to the team, help them to understand their key responsibilities, and teach them any core business processes.

    It’s a good idea to create an onboarding check-list, as this will help you keep track of their progress in real time. Onboarding software can be used to map out their first weeks and months, allowing you to support them even when working remotely.

    Keep communication flowing

    Communication is a crucial part of onboarding; this only becomes more important when new recruits are working remotely.

    Automate onboarding comms to keep new employees in the loop before their first day. Ensure they’re given all the information they need to start their new roles with confidence.

    Make sure onboarding comms remain personalised, even when automated. This is crucial for getting recruits off to the best start possible with your brand.

    The best tools for remote onboarding

    Here are some of the best tools on the market for remote onboarding:

    • Applicant tracking software
    • Video communication software
    • Onboarding microsites/portals
    • Email/SMS automation

    Want a better way to hire & onboard employees remotely? If you’re looking for a way to keep employees engaged throughout the onboarding process then Talos 360 offers the ultimate, all-in-one recruitment suite, from candidate communications to onboarding microsites. Book your free demo today to learn more.


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