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  • TheHRHub launches new service for busy PAs…

    In light of the recently published National PA Survey stating that 47 per cent of the UK’s estimated 650,000 PAs and office managers are now managing HR on top of their traditional responsibilities, TheHRHub has introduced a self-describedmini’ monthly HR advice service specifically at the PA sector, to make sure that they are compliant with HR law; as well as helping users to manage a team effectively.

    The HR Office Hub also provides advice for general HR tasks such as: drawing up employment contracts; managing an annual leave calendar; keeping correct employee records and policies; complying with health and safety legislation; and managing payroll and expense claims.

    For a small monthly subscription fee of £39, users will be able to take full advantage of the service’s offering:

    Four monthly done-for-you newsletters to build relationships with employees; show them the ‘love’ and keep them updated with events across the year.

    Two new policies or ‘How To…’ guides to help navigate through employee relations/ issues.

    Employment law updates.

    Group support and community members.

    A monthly coaching call.


    For more information on how you can get started with the service, click here


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