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    By ted Learning

    ted Learning has been designing and delivering learning experiences full of drama in the training room for nine years. March 2020, and that all stopped.

    How can we deliver our particular brand of immersive learning when we can’t be together in the room?

    For us, lockdown triggered an explosion of creativity and we’re proud to say that we have worked hard to recreate our unique way of delivering immersive learning experiences in the virtual classroom. Using technology we are now regularly delivering our Dramatically Different, Engaging, and Fun learning across the World, from Birmingham to Boston, Manchester to Manila, and Stoke to Sofia.

    Things that we would never have considered possible have become part of our normal day.

    “The experience was exciting and not only did we learn lots, and we also got to practice as well. Cath and Martin were great”

    Joanne Lim, Customer Service Agent for Entain, Manila

    Back here in the UK and lumo, a sustainable travel company, launched their new intercity service from London King’s Cross to Edinburgh in October. lumo have big plans to become the lead travel operator in the next three years and recognising that it is the team who are the key to their success, lumo have partnered with ted Learning to create their Customer Experience and Culture Programme for their new team.

    Two innovative companies with a shared passion for doing things differently, which engages people and is fun.

    “Truly brilliant facilitators who are engaging and motivated, fun human and real. A real joy and I honestly thought it was fantastic!!!!”

    Graham Armstrong, lumo Ambassador

    ted Learning we deliver our Dramatically Different, Engaging, and Fun learning in whatever room you’re sitting, no matter where you are in the World.


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