• Barnett Waddingham
    Barnett Waddingham
  • The new, interactive guide to improving financial wellbeing in the workplace

    By Jelf

    Forward-thinking employers recognise the importance of financial wellbeing as part of well-rounded wellbeing strategy. As an employer, you are in a unique position to influence and intervene when it comes to the financial wellness of your workforce.

    Whether you’re looking to build on an existing plan, or start your financial wellbeing strategy, our e-book will guide you in the process. Improving financial wellbeing in the workplace is designed to help you use a variety of methods to establish the financial wellbeing issues that exist and the type of support required to meet those needs.

    Our e-book will guide you in considering:

    • The basics of financial wellbeing and why every business needs to have a strategy for their workforce
    • How to identify the needs of your particular workforce
    • The relevance of your current benefit offering and how you communicate those benefits
    • How to choose a financial education provider
    • How we can help you

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