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  • Help prevent a post-Covid-19 psychological trauma pandemic with BHSF RISE

    By Harriet Acton, BHSF

    Like the rest of the nation’s employees, David has felt the increasing pressures of the coronavirus pandemic.

    As a cleaning contractor, he was placed in a Birmingham hospital where, as the rate of infection and death amplified, the expected breakdowns of protocol and provision became a reality. He witnessed at first-hand the chaos of the invisible enemy which is being fought valiantly by the drained, yet typically brave NHS staff.

    His worries continue at home. His wife’s redundancy has brought financial strain on their growing family. David’s sense of isolation isn’t ending, even as pubs and restaurants re-open; he doesn’t feel confident enough to meet with friends so his support system is dwindling. The pub, once David’s place to escape and destress, is now a point of panic after seeing the ravaging effects of the virus.

    But help is at hand.

    David’s employer recently signed the company’s employees up to a new Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), BHSF RISE.

    David called the BHSF RISE team for some financial advice and was referred to a RISE case manager that same working day, when a full in-depth assessment took place. It was clear to the case manager that David was suffering from anxiety and stress due to his family’s financial situation. The case manager also identified David as presenting some levels of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of working in the hospital during the pandemic, and booked him in for an assessment with a trauma specialist. A suitable counselling service was scheduled and they are currently taking place via a virtual clinic.

    Yet David is not as isolated as he may feel. People across the country are in exactly the same situation. And this is where BHSF RISE comes into its own.

    BHSF RISE gives employees access to a trusted team offering comprehensive, connected specialist support, from as little as £1 per employee, per month.

    Other features include:

    • 24/7 counselling and advice line
    • 24/7 health and wellbeing advice and support
    • Face-to-face counselling service
    • 24/7 telephone access to personal legal information and support – provided by Irwin Mitchell
    • Telephone access to personal financial and debt information and support – provided by Auriga Your Care Support – support for carers – provided by Tutella
    • Brain and Spine foundation advisory service case management – individual support where required
    • 24/7 GP consultation service – provided by Medical Solutions
    • Psychiatric assessment and complex cases
    • Access to online resources including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy workbooks
    • Range of additional consulting services including workplace mediation, mental and physical health training and health and safety training.

    Find out more, click here.


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