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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Get your team off the bench with Insights Discovery

    By Change Formation

    Sport lays bare the best and worst of teamwork. You can enjoy the fluid motion of a crew rowing in harmony or agonise as defeat looms and your football team turns on each other.

    A key factor in high-performance sports teams is that each individual has strong self-awareness and an insightful understanding of their teammates. This mutual connection allows them to appreciate and adapt to each others’ strengths.

    At Change Formation we believe the same is true of high-performance teams in any organisation.

    Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom (Aristotle)

    Insights Discovery personality profiling starts with assessing each team member’s profile.

    We identify their “colour energies”; four colours representing different aspects of personality. Everyone has a different blend of colour preferences, giving us our unique character.

    Once individual profiles are completed, we map all team members on a “Team Wheel”. Everyone reviews the mix of personality types and colour energies.

    Assessing team effectiveness

    Our experts then guide you to identify where development is required in five areas:

    • FOCUS Collectively agreeing a clear goal and striving to attain it.
    • FLOW Being agile and adaptable.
    • CLIMATE Trusting each other and having good interpersonal relationships.
    • PROCESS Having agreed methods and approaches.
    • LEARNING Continually identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

    By discussing the team’s strengths and potential blind spots, each individual gains a greater understanding of their own, and their colleagues’, roles.

    The team starts to develop and perform at a higher level.

    How Change Formation develops high-performance teams

    Insights Discovery is just one of the ways we inspire teams to develop, perform and achieve.

    Our name “Change Formation” even reflects how successful teams continually learn and adapt!

    Visit our website to find out how we can support your organisation: www.changeformation.co.uk

    …a really enlightening morning.” –Feedback on a recent Insights Discovery session we ran for Edwards Ltd


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