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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Five ‘take homes’ from Social Pantry’s Employee Wellbeing Summit

    Social Pantry recently hosted an Employee Wellbeing Summit to educate employers on how to reduce staff turnover and promote a happy workplace to increase productivity.

    The event was a chance for HR professionals and business leaders to hear from speakers at the forefront of employee wellness including;

    Alex Head – Founder and CEO of Social Pantry

    Edward Foy – Co-Founder and CEO of PRESS Juices

    Harry Jameson – Wellness Business Consultant and Elite Performance Coach

    Chieu Cao – Founder of Perkbox and Mintago

    Among the things we learned from them were:

    1. Listen to your team – Ultimately every working environment is different, and workforces have different needs and priorities.
    2. Wellbeing needs to be an integral part of your company culture.
    3. Wellbeing isn’t solely linked to ‘perks’ – Employees need to feel valued and appreciated.
    4. Financial wellbeing is a thing! Ultimately, personal finances can be a source of stress for many of us, and there’s still a taboo when talking about money, especially at work.
    5. A happy workforce is one that can enjoy spending ‘downtime’ together, without an ulterior motive.

    Feeling inspired? You can read more about each of these points and more by hopping over to the Social Pantry blog.

    Social Pantry are London’s ‘go to’ caterers, and leaders when it comes to employee wellbeing. They’ve been helping clients create happy, healthy, and productive workplaces with delicious food and so much more for years now.

    If you’d like to learn how Social Pantry can help with your own company’s employee wellbeing, visit www.socialpantry.co.uk or email enquiries@socialpantry.co.uk.


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