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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Attending the Employee Benefits & Rewards Forum? Here are our top tips for industry networking!

    If you’re coming to the next Employee Benefits & Rewards Forum (or if you’ve been to one before) you’ll know just how many opportunities there are to network with your industry peers.

    The networking areas are where, as industry suppliers or buyers, you can follow up on conversations you’ve had during the one-to-one meetings that form the core of the event.

    Or, you know, talk about the football.

    Either way, business is more often than not about building relationships.

    We create networking environments that are informal and free of any pressure – whether that’s during the plentiful coffee breaks, over the delicious lunches and gala dinner, or playing roulette as part of the evening entertainment.

    To help you get the most out of these opportunities, we’ve pulled together a few top tips for becoming the consummate networker:

    Always be yourself: You’re among friends at the Employee Benefits & Rewards Forum, so there’s no need to feel nervous about walking into a big room of people. Our staff will be on hand to help with introductions and grease those social wheels (do come and say ‘hello’!).

    Have a think about what you want to achieve: Who’s in the room? Is there anyone you met earlier in the day that you’d like to follow up with? Whether you’re a supplier or a buyer, you’ve come to the Employee Benefits & Rewards Forum with some specific goals in mind – the networking periods are a chance to help solidify those new partnerships.

    Be curious: The Employee Benefits & Rewards Forum seminars are a great place for developing your industry knowledge and learning new skills. And they always create points of discussion. So why not see what everyone else thought of the talks, or swap some ideas on the latest technological developments and trends in the industry? And if you’re new to the industry, there will be seasoned veterans ready and willing to impart their wisdom!

    Don’t forget your business cards! You didn’t think we could get through a whole article about networking without mentioning business cards, did you? It’s an old chestnut, but one worth re-roasting. This author has forgotten his cards more times than he cares to remember – it happens. Always keep a few spread between your wallet/purse, pockets and bag – then you’ll be able to produce one when you most need it. But don’t blanket bomb – just because you have 100 cards to give out, it doesn’t mean you have to!

    Always follow up: You’ve given your cards out, but hopefully you’ve picked some up too! So make sure that when you get back to the office you log into LinkedIn or fire off some emails to your new contacts while everything’s still fresh in the mind.

    Follow the above tips and you won’t go far wrong. Just don’t spend too long in the bar!


    For more information on the Employee Benefits & Rewards Forum, call Jake Hoy on
    01992 374093 or email j.hoy@forumevents.co.uk.

    Or visit www.employeebenefitsforum.co.uk


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