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    Barnett Waddingham
  • The expensive L&D skills gap and how to fill it

    By Paul Service, CommsLearning

    Over the past year, the workplace as we know it has totally transformed, and so has the learning and development landscape. But with the right support in place to upskill your L&D teams you can train, motivate and retain your people in-house.

    The overnight shift to remote working has brought with it many challenges for organisations to provide quality digital learning that keeps the workforce connected, engaged and thriving.

    But plenty of businesses just weren’t ready for the pace of change, despite an 82% increase in demand for digital learning from senior stakeholders.

    L&D will never be the same again!

    A survey conducted last year by Fosway reported 95% of L&D professionals had to change their organisation’s learning strategy in response to the pandemic, with just 5% believing their learning strategy and resourcing will go back to the way it was before Covid hit.

    The report found companies playing catch up with their digital learning adoption were 3x more likely to struggle during the pandemic compared to those with a mature approach to eLearning.

    A very expensive skills gap

    The 2020 Learning and Skills at Work Survey uncovered a myriad of gaps in the skill sets of internal L&D teams. Face-to-face trainers and facilitators still dominate the roles when the real need for in-house digital learning professionals – Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers and Animators falls by the wayside.

    These skills gaps cost more time and money in the short and long term, as businesses continue to outsource big projects for ease and convenience whilst sacrificing their own organisational development.

    So the big question: how can you foster a digital-first learning culture that supports all of your people (including your L&D team) and allows them (and your business) to grow – right now?

    Bring in a partner to get you up to speed

    Gone are the days of outsourcing whole projects to external agencies, relinquishing control and keeping lids on the skills development of internal teams.

    The future of digital learning for forward-thinking businesses lies in the art of smart-sourcing. That is, finding a specialist eLearning partner to bring their expertise in-house.

    Embedding a specialist provider into your L&D team means you can fill the knowledge gaps and train your staff, leaving you with the skills and expertise to create and update your own bespoke eLearning for many years to come.

    If ever there was a time to focus on bringing the core eLearning development work in-house, it’s now.  

    At CommsLearning we believe in “Enabling, not just outsourcing” – AKA smart-sourcing, and our five-step framework has worked for hundreds of businesses for nearly 20 years:

    1. Plan Outline your Digital Learning Strategy and identify the skills you want to bring in-house.
    2. Recruit Identify key skills gaps and bring specialists in to plug those holes.
    3. Train Invest in your existing L&D team to build the skills you need in-house. Invest in them, and they’ll invest in you.
    4. Organise Learn from experts like us on how to best plan, organise and execute effective eLearning projects.
    5. Partner Create a genuine skills exchange with a trusted eLearning provider to bring your in-house capabilities to the same level.

    CommsLearning are experts in bespoke eLearning design and development, providing systems and product training, mandatory employee training and induction programmes to forward-thinking HR teams. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise so your team grows as part of the process. 

    Get in touch with Paul to request demos and example pricing.


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