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  • Revolutionise your employee experience with Digital HR Assistants

    By Humley

    In traditional workplace environments, it is easy and common for employees to ask questions and get the information they need in face-to-face interactions, but when working from home this becomes more difficult and time-consuming – especially when the limitations of shared support desks and technology itself are considered.

    Employees are then forced to either navigate multiple systems such as HR or Sales platforms or even worse, are reluctant to ask the questions in the first place – leading to misinformation, inhibiting productivity, and impacting morale. Therefore, providing employees with the ability to effectively ‘self-serve’ when and wherever they are is becoming a top priority for HR and technology leaders.

    Digital HR Assistants enable employees to find the information they require and automate tasks 24/7 within one easy to use multi-channel conversational interface. Minimizing the need to navigate complex systems and burdening People Teams with a multitude of repetitive emails and tasks – freeing them up to focus on more strategic tasks and providing support to the employees who need it most. Types of communications HR Teams typically receive include but are not limited to annual leave requests, payroll updates, policy information, and even meeting room booking and timesheet updates.

    Not only do these platforms automate the repetitive admin work from HR Teams and employees, but they also enable organisations to communicate more effectively and consistently across their remote workforce and through any channel (voice or digital). For many organisations and HR Teams, this also means being able to provide consistent and tailored real-time support across multiple time zones. This will be essential in ensuring that employees are informed and compliant but also connected regardless of their location, ensuring that they are productive, happy, and motivated.

    If you would like to find out more about how Digital HR Assistants could help your organisation, please get in touch: info@humley.com or visit https://humleyai.com/digital-hr-assistant/.


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