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  • New NAS campaign to showcase untapped autistic talent…

    In response to a recent survey of 2,000 autistic adults concluding that just 32 per cent are in some kind of paid work compared to 47 per cent of disabled people, the National Autistic Society (NAS) has launched a new campaign encouraging employers to recruit more autistic employees; as well as calling on the government to help close the autism employment gap.

    The three-year ‘Too Much Informationcampaign aims to transform public understanding of autism and open up the world for autistic people, stating HR directors and teams have a major role to play in ensuring that recruitment, development and support meets the needs of autistic people, so that their company or organisation can access the talent of the estimated 450,000 autistic people of working age in the UK.

    Despite the low percentage of autistic adults employed in the world of work, employers including Microsoft and GCHQ are now recognising these strengths and actively recruiting autistic people. 

    Find out more about the campaign here 


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