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  • GUEST BLOG: Get rid of old-fashioned work practices and prepare for 21st century performance management

    Struggling to motivate your workforce, receive feedback and create effective development plans? MHR’s employee expert, Emma Parmar, says that employee development needs a real-time upgrade…

    Managing performance is fundamental to the success of every organisation. 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago, going to work was a stable routine, with the same tasks day after day. Little changed, time was easier to manage, shifts, locations and workload were consistent – annual appraisals were all that was necessary.

    Today, the world of work is a different place. Technology took over routine tasks, jobs and workload became diverse, people work more flexibly, across locations and remotely.

    Objectives change daily and no two days are the same. To access performance in today’s fast moving world, appraisals need to be in real-time when the feedback will be relevant.

    It’s time to stop trying to fit performance management into an annual event because it no longer belongs there. It’s time to move to real-time performance management.

    Click here to read the full MHR blog and find out how you can upgrade your performance management processes.


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