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  • GUEST BLOG: Customised surveys offer the cost-effective solution to effective staff feedback

    By Asimina Stamatiou MHR

    Are you struggling to get honest feedback from staff in order to implement change and improve company culture? MHR’s employee engagement expert Asimina Stamatiou discusses the best way to engage your staff with a platform for honest feedback…

    Keeping staff engaged is challenging. Without a platform to confidently raise issues, employees miss out on smaller adjustments that could improve their work life; multiplied across any organisation you will struggle to create the right company culture. Annual and six-monthly performance reviews are quickly becoming dated platforms for staff feedback, as most focus on targets and missed goals rather than honest dialogue.

    With unhappy, unengaged staff, employees are leaving – often without companies knowing why.

    Surveying staff is a clear, cost-effective way to better understand your workforce, but the “one size fits all” questionnaires are seen as boring and impersonal, with little benefits for the employee. Surveys work best when customised and offer greater value when linked with your employee records. Data from these surveys can be used comparatively to give insights into your people, from retention to forward planning.

    Choosing an integrated solution means your HR, Analytics and staff-training provider are rolled into one, and using a survey builder as part of this is the best way to get you on the right path for an engaged workforce.

    Click here to read the full MHR blog about how to achieve honest feedback.


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