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  • How to export employees mood to powerpoint

    By Igor Sawczuk, Co-Founder, Wandlee

    Eat an insect or let it go, climb a mountain or jump off it? It is the viewer who decides what steps in the series “You vs. Wild” are taken by the expert on survival in difficult conditions – Bear Grylls. Interactive Netflix stories are a surprisingly captivating adventure for audiences, and part of what made the entire experience so exciting was because we the viewers became directly responsible and involved in the good or bad things happening to the lead character. Not only that, but viewers were integrated into the movie itself and became a silent character in the film.

    In post-COVID world, employees are buried with tons of webinars, LinkedIn posts, spammy emails and have to make a quick selection to select the most interesting information.

    It’s no wonder they tend to ignore HR leaflets or internal newsletters. Not to mention surveys.

    On the other hand, employee surveys remain one of the best ways to gain insights into remote team’s thinking and behavior.

    Out of hundreds of monotonous data, the brain chooses the form or content that most attracts its attention. Numerous studies on the work of the human mind show that humans are more likely to assimilate content with an interesting story than cold data. In fact, the brain makes very little difference between the situation you read about and the one you experience in reality. What’s more, there are incredible mercies for stories.

    Storytelling is a natural way of communication in most cases that allows you to influence your audience’s purchasing decisions. An interesting context will surely arouse curiosity and interest and arouse appropriate emotions. It is natural to put obstacles and determination in pursuit of the goals that the hero is able to overcome with the products of a given brand. Organizing good storytelling is not easy, but it brings many benefits. A well-thought-out story will strengthen the image of your brand, build the trust of your audience, and show them why your brand is the best choice and what problems it solves.

    That’s why employee satisfaction surveys should be built on top of storytelling.

    Employee satisfaction surveys are not very different from customer satisfaction surveys. Both are governed by the same rules: both the customer and the employee want to be asked for their opinion. Here too, satisfaction does not always translate into loyalty. Let’s remember finding valuable specialists e.g. in IT is usually an expensive and lengthy process. Expenditure related to the acquisition of a new employee has increased by 40% over the last years and the average recruitment time is over 30 working days.

    That’s why it is so important to measure satisfaction and predict employee churn. For this purpose, the NPS indicator is used, based on the question “How likely is it that you recommend company X to your friend? The NPS indicator is also gaining importance as a company mood indicator.

    Sadly, pulling the right data is only half the battle. Collecting data alone is not enough.

    Data is often protected by different systems, dashboards with limited capability to embedded results or requirements for a separate licence. However, it should be clear to everyone that math, data, and even design are not enough: the real power comes from adoption. Often organizational culture is not ready to adopt data-driven metrics and problem could be solved just by changing the presentation medium.

    A recent survey showed that 70 percent of American employees consider presentation skills to be extremely important for their professional success. The same survey also showed that employees’ skills may not be high enough – nearly half of those surveyed (46 percent) said they are bored and lose interest in working meetings and presentations.  Export as a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation should be a requirement in the adoption of any new data tool.

    Ultimately, a well-thought-out story will increase your survey response rates. The right export tool will allow you to focus on metrics and insights rather than visual design struggles.

    Curious how  employee NPS surveys could help your organization reach its goals? Contact us today for a free consultation at team@chatbothr.com.

    Discover more at www.wandlee.com.


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