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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Experience the Magic this Christmas

    Recent gifting conversations have all resulted in the same conclusion…

    It appears we’re not looking for another pair of socks this Christmas; or any other inanimate object for that matter.. After numerous exchanges at supper parties, work events and even the post office it would appear we are becoming a much less materialistic nation.

    The answers to my ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ question ranged from’Good health’ to ‘Love’ and even ‘Peace’.

    How do we gift these?

    Although most of these are out of our control, we can make someone feel special by giving them a thoughtful present and awaken other feelings…

    By gifting an employee with an Experience you are giving them a memory to cherish and the chance to experience something new.

    New experiences deliver a sense of achievement and empowerment. Abraham Maslow, 1943 stated human’s reach happiness when their hierarchy of needs are fulfilled. The first need is physiological, then safety, next love, belonging, esteem and finally self actualisation. Giving an experience rouses feelings of belonging and appreciation, as well as esteem and even self actualisation- the top of the pyramid of needs.

    Not only this but by gifting an experience you are aligning yourselves, as an employer with the positive effects and emotions your employee went through while doing their activity, therefore creating one very happy employee 🙂

    by Olivia Scott, Red Rush Experience Vouchers

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