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  • CMI urges ‘missing middle’ to fill management roles by 2024…

    A new campaign launched by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is aiming to achieve gender parity across the UK’s management population by 2024, and to help employers unlock more value in the UK’s workforce to address our productivity gap.

    CMI Women is helping employers to identify the measures they can take to achieve gender balance, such as flexible working policies, line manager skills development, mentoring and balanced recruitment.

    To achieve a 50/50 split of management jobs between men and women by 2024, the CMI believes 1.5 million new female managers will be required and, currently, there are over half a million ‘missing’ women from management.

    Heather Melville, chair of CMI Women and director of Strategic Partnerships at RBS, said: “1.5 million new women managers is an ambitious target but one that UK employers can’t afford to miss.

    “It is essential for employers to do everything possible to achieve greater gender diversity across their management layers, not only for the benefit of women but also for the benefit of business productivity and the UK economy. That is why we are urging employers to use the Blueprint for Balance tool to share learnings about how to make this happen.”

    Referencing its 2016 National Management Salary Survey, the CMI claims that, while women out-number men at junior levels, not enough make it through middle management and to the top. 73 per cent of entry-level roles are occupied by women, reducing to just 43 per cent of women in middle management roles.

    CMI has created a ‘Blueprint for Balance’, a free and open source tool to helps organisations achieve 50/50 management. Employers are able to share information and learn policies that have helped others to improve gender balance.


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