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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Checking tax codes – A free downloadable guide for employees

    With as many as 1 in 10 UK employees believed to be on the wrong tax code, checking that their tax code is correct for their circumstances is an important step which most employees are overlooking.

    As payroll or HR professionals, we know the impact that an incorrect tax code can have on an employee’s finances – both in the short term for their immediate take-home pay, and in the longer term when HMRC inevitably catch up with them.

    Which is why PayDashboard have put together this simple employee guide covering everything your staff need to know about tax codes.

    Download the guide here

    Liked this guide?

    This guide is part of a series of five guides for employees covering financial education, such as  “Understanding your payslip”, “The Marriage Allowance”, “Pension Payments” and “Emergency Tax Codes”.

    If you would like to receive any of these guides just fill out the form here and specify which guides you would like to be sent.


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