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    Barnett Waddingham
  • CASE STUDY: How to tackle high staff turnover rates

    High employee turnover is a problem for many industries, but it’s especially tough for those in the call centre sector.

    In the US, the average employee turnover rate stands at 15.1%. Unless you happen to work in a call centre. That turnover rate comes in at a whopping 30% to 45%.

    A high turnover rate can have severe financial consequences, as the average cost of losing an employee is 21% of their yearly salary. So how can you tackle turnover, while boosting employee morale?

    GetVoIP, a US based start-up, polled over 1,000 professionals to find out what really mattered to them in the workplace, and compiled the responses in the infographic below.

    While it’s no surprise that monetary compensation is still the leading motivator in the workplace, it’s interesting to note that flexible vacation time and simple recognition from the boss came in respectively in second and third place for the most valued form of recognition.

    Check out the rest of the findings below:
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