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  • Why now is the perfect time for your organisation to achieve a Wellbeing Charter

    By Medicash

    As the world slowly returns to normal in the aftermath of the pandemic, many businesses are looking to prioritise employee wellbeing as they start to rebuild their workplace.

    Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, employers undoubtedly will have noticed the impact varying levels of wellbeing has had on workforce performance and productivity. There was an enormous shift towards the need for authentic, open leadership and a compassionate approach to flexibility as a global mental health crisis unravelled.

    With psychologists warning that prolonged periods of isolation are likely to spark an increase in the number of people experiencing depression and even PTSD, the effects of the pandemic will be felt for a long time to come.

    Now is the perfect time for businesses to invest in an overhaul of their employee wellbeing practices. It’s important that organisations feel open to examining what they currently provide with the aim of gaining a new perspective on what a compassionate, non-judgemental workplace culture might look like. Transparency surrounding corporate wellbeing is one of the most powerful tools a business can have if they want to attract happy, healthy employees.

    By failing to establish a culture that encourages and promotes positive wellbeing, you are making your organisation less attractive to a new generation of workers who often value happiness over salary and benefits.

    Completing the Workplace Wellbeing Charter is a straightforward yet comprehensive way to assess your organisation against a set of established wellbeing benchmarks. Delivered by Health@Work, those who achieve the Charter will receive a national accreditation highlighting their company as one which is committed to improving the health and happiness of their workforce.

    The initial assessment is delivered by a team of expert consultants with backgrounds in mental health, nutrition, and leadership who will review current procedures and provide action points in a clear guide on how to achieve the accreditation. The process is designed to allow flexibility to suit any workplace and make each accreditation bespoke.

    To date, Health@Work has accredited over 1,000 workplaces from micro businesses to organisations with thousands of employees. Sanofi, a global pharmaceutical company with a 1,000+ UK-based workforce, is one of those organisations accredited by the nationally recognised Workplace Wellbeing Charter.

    “We are delighted to be recognised by the Charter in this way and believe the accreditation reflects our ongoing efforts to support the health and wellbeing of our employees, as well as the wider community through our work in the area of prevention,” comments Gordon Tillett, HR Director, Sanofi UK and Ireland.

    “The Workplace Wellbeing Charter has provided us with a vital framework and tangible goals that we can continue to work on as we strive to support colleagues through these challenging times. Employee wellbeing will continue to be fundamental to our success as an organisation and we plan to continue to enhance our work in this area through this year and beyond.”

    Marj Murphy, Director of Operations at Health@Work, noted: “Sanofi provided multiple examples that demonstrated its ongoing commitment to the health and wellbeing of employees, such as their Take Care & BWel! programme and a confidential counselling service which has been well utilised by staff.

    “Happy workplaces are more productive and are preferred by potential employees, as well as consumers. We were delighted to award Sanofi with the Workplace Wellbeing Charter and hope that other organisations will be inspired to achieve a shared goal of improving all aspects of health – mental, physical, and social.”

    If you would like to learn more about how gaining an accreditation will help your organisation succeed, take a look at the Health@Work website, call 0151 236 6608 or email info@healthatworkcentre.org.uk

    Health@Work Consultancy Services are proud to be a part of the Medicash Health & Wellbeing Group.

    As one of the most experienced providers in the UK, Medicash offers a range of corporate and personal health cash plans designed to help individuals and their families meet the costs of their everyday healthcare.


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