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  • Why childcare benefits can improve employee wellbeing

    By Antony Morrison, Busy Bees At Work

    Employee benefits should be a key consideration for employers looking to attract and retain workers.

    In recent times, there has been an even bigger focus on employee engagement, and tools and benefits that support workplace equality and employee wellbeing. From gym memberships to workplace apps, businesses, large and small, are under even more pressure to attract the right workers and retain existing employers and offering the right benefits can play a crucial part.

    Company childcare is becoming an attractive benefit for workers, with over 50% of businesses advising they would subsidise or offer childcare to employees. With government support changing in recent years, research has found that companies desire solutions that support working parents.

    There is a misunderstanding towards the affordability of childcare solutions and the part an employer can play. Here are the top reasons to add company childcare to your workplace benefits:

    1. Hire top talent

    Attracting the top talent is challenging and incentivising employees to return to the office can sometimes come down to the benefits you’re able to offer. Childcare benefits also play a big factor for many working parents when deciding on their next job.

    1. Retain people longer

    75% of workers in the UK are parents, and more and more parents are looking for quality childcare that offers flexibility and accessibility. Workplace benefits are an attractive selling point to employees and are a great commitment to returning parents.

    1. Improve employee wellbeing

    By making childcare simpler and more affordable, you’ll take a weight off your employees’ minds, leading to reduced stress and happier and more productive staff.

    1. Foster workplace equality

    Women are twice as likely than men to miss work due to problems with childcare. By offering reliable, flexible, convenient care, you’ll ensure they don’t miss out.

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