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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Wellbeing in your workplace: in the office or at-home

    With events such as Happiness at Work Week, Mental Health Awareness Day and National Stress Awareness Day taking place recently, our mental health and wellbeing has been brought into sharp focus. It’s poignant days like these that give us the time to reflect on our own mental health and wellbeing. With the pressure everyone has been faced with during this pandemic and especially as the winter months draw in, our teams need even more support than ever.

    A recent survey from leading global exercise class provider, Les Mills, has revealed that globally;

    • 50% of employees want to improve their health in 2021
    • 75% of employees face barriers to exercise
    • 80% of employees plan to continue using digital fitness after the pandemic

    Of all the recent shifts in workplace culture, the need for every employer to consider a wellness plan for their teams has been one of the most important both for the health of their teams and of their businesses. With this comes a great opportunity to refocus, especially as we step into the New Year with fresh budgets and strategies.

    Helping employees maintain their physical and mental health is key to a strong culture, a resilient workforce and increased productivity. The survey, which spoke to 12,000 people globally, also revealed that people who have access to fitness via their employer are 43% more likely to workout than those who don’t.

    There is a huge opportunity for employers to provide a workplace wellness plan that will work both in the physical workplace and at-home as we continue to live the hybrid lifestyle that has become the reality for many since the pandemic.

    “These statistics showing a desire for employees to improve their own health are really encouraging but of course we know that for many there are always barriers to exercise. So its important employers are providing the right support,” says Richard Sale, Global Business Development Director for Les Mills.

    A recent survey by the recruitment firm Randstad UK also found that 1 in 4 employees are planning to change jobs, with burnout cited as one of the biggest factors.

    “As we return to the workplace there is a massive opportunity here to help employees keep their well-being in check and to start with, reducing stress levels will be massively important. Ultimately, exercise can help employees stay motivated, clear-headed and be more productive to help keep burnout at bay. At Les Mills, our offerings truly bring fitness to life and are scientifically-designed to help keep workforces healthy.”

    Les Mills is supporting employees to get their fitness back on track. Its range of corporate wellbeing services include a mix of digital and physical fitness solutions that enable employers to offer world class fitness solutions to their employees both in the office, via virtual, live classes or at home through Les Mills+.

    Most recently Les Mills has launched the LES MILLS Content Web Player. Delivered via a web browser, the LES MILLS Content Web Player can be accessed on laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Eminently portable around the workplace, it can be accessed in a range of workplace active spaces such as meeting rooms, breakout spaces, communal areas or a studio space. The Web Player’s On Demand playback option gives employees the option to reset, recharge and find balance at work, with access to 100+ videos, including a brand new range of life-enhancing yoga, stretch, breathing, mindfulness and meditation sessions.

    To find out more about how you can create a winning workplace wellness plan and to read the report in full visit: https://www.lesmills.com/uk/corporate-wellness-programs/


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