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  • Wellbeing in your workplace: In the office or at-home

    By Les Mills

    As we enter another year in the midst of a work from home government recommendation, it’s more important than ever that employee wellbeing is held at the forefront of plans for the year ahead. Spring 2020 saw employees frantically throw together an at-home work set up in whatever space they had available while grabbling with the new, virtual meeting technology.

    However, we are now fully bedded into our new way of working and it’s imperative that employers are giving back to their workforce to ensure a happy and healthy team in 2022.

    Recent research from the Royal Society of Public Health has illustrated both the physical and mental impacts of remote working. While 59% are struggling with the isolation that solitary, remote working brings, a further 48% are complaining of physical ailments such as poor posture and muscle aches as a result of a poor working set up.

    However, providing staff with easy, accessible physical exercise is one way of helping to keep staff both physically and mentally fit while working flexibly. And the demand is clearly there from the hybrid workforce, as recent research from global exercise class provider Les Mills revealed that 80% of employees plan to continue to use digital fitness after the pandemic and a further 50% want to improve their general health.

    Stepping into the New Year with fresh budgets and strategy planning provides employers with a fantastic opportunity in which to craft out a wellness plan for their team, including initiatives such as access to exercise, opportunities to stay connected with colleagues and wellbeing workshops. Helping employees maintain their physical and mental health is key to a strong culture, a resilient workforce and increased productivity.

    “Our recent research shows a clear desire for employees to improve their own health are really encouraging but of course we know that for many there are always barriers to exercise. So, it’s important employers are providing the right support,” says Richard Sale, Global Business Development Director for Les Mills.

    “As we continue to get to grips with hybrid working, employees deserve to have their wellbeing monitored and maintained by their employer. Ultimately, exercise can help employees stay motivated, clear-headed and be more productive to help keep burnout at bay. At Les Mills, our offerings truly bring fitness to life and are scientifically-designed to help keep workforces healthy.”

    Les Mills is supporting employees to get their fitness back on track. Its range of corporate wellbeing services include a mix of digital and physical fitness solutions that enable employers to offer world class fitness solutions to their employees both in the office, via virtual, live classes or at home through Les Mills+.

    To find out more about how you can create a winning workplace wellness plan and to read the report in full visit: https://www.lesmills.com/uk/corporate-wellness-programs/


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