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  • Voucherbox: Working parents feel pressured about rising costs of school holiday activities…

    It’s a notorious struggle for working parents to fit school holidays around their own schedules and to keep children entertained on a financially-friendly budget. But a new survey from Voucherbox has revealed that it will cost an average of £443.14 to pay for activities this present half-term.

    Despite the majority of the 1,000 respondents continuously searching for free or low-cost activities to keep their children occupied, 70 per cent claim to feel pressured by the rising costs and have noticed an increase in prices over the last five years.

    Voucherbox UK country manager, Shane Forster, said: “The costs of looking after children over half-term have rocketed and many parents are feeling the pinch. Of course whilst there isn’t a great deal parents can do about the cost of taking time off, there are lots of free and fun activities out there as well as some great deals to be found online.”

    Furthermore, 11 per cent of respondents have said that they will have to take unpaid leave to accommodate the school holidays, which is suggested to equal £309.64 in lost income.

    Read more on the survey here


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