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  • UK workers ‘unwilling to compromise’ in their search for the perfect job…

    Research conducted by the UK’s leading independent employment website, CV-Library, has found that 79.2 per cent of UK workers are not willing to compromise on certain areas when looking for a job; with 18.2 per cent revealing that a lower salary position would put them off a role entirely.

    The survey, which collected responses from 1,000 workers, indicated that a majority are becoming increasingly impatient with their job hunts, as 20 per cent claim they would be put off by unclear job descriptions; 10.2 per cent said a long-recruitment process would feel discouraging; and 7.8 per cent believe poor communication would drive them to search elsewhere.

    Additional key factors described in the study include a company having a bad reputation (9.5 per cent), a high staff turnover (7.1 per cent) and poor management (6.1 per cent).

    Managing director and founder of CV-Library, Lee Biggins, said: “Candidates can glean a first impression of a company within minutes and there are a range of platforms out there which job hunters can use to find out exactly what it’s like to work in a certain organisation. This can make or break a business: social media is a great branding tool for showing off what it’s like to work in your company, but can also be a platform for individuals to speak negatively about their experiences. Avoiding this by ensuring you have a strong, positive, employer brand, which is reflected throughout the recruitment process, is vital if you want to stay ahead in the hiring game.”

    The recorded components to candidates were long working hours (2.9 per cent), unfriendly colleagues (2.8 per cent), lack of flexible work opportunities (1.6 per cent) and poor brand awareness (1.4 per cent).


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