• Barnett Waddingham
    Barnett Waddingham
  • Tackle the challenges most critical to your team’s success

    High performing teams are non-negotiable for successful organisations. Teams can learn from their past and prepare for their future, by having conversations which will improve their performance – today.

    Our teamwork solutions will be tailored to help you face your most pressing team challenges on two fronts: preference (how teams like to work together) and capability (how effectively they work together).

    Discovering Team Effectiveness looks at team preferences. How a team works together – and how this aligns to how each individual likes to work – has a serious impact on how effective it can be as a collective. Among other things, we look at how teams communicate, how they prioritise, what motivates them, and what the blockers are to their performance.

    Each team member receives an Insights Discovery Personal Profile, and also completes an evaluator that asks for their perception of the team’s capabilities- this creates the Team Effectiveness Profile. Then, through a series of workshops and facilitated discussions, the team can discover how their individual and team preferences affect their team dynamic and overall performance.

    The result? Clear and practical action plans that accelerate the team’s progress towards their goals.

    LearningCog programmes Discovering Team Effectiveness uses Insights Discovery psychometrics. We deliver full programmes or can weave into your existing learning and development framework.



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