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    By Ed Clark, Client & learning Partner, Ted Learning

    Any tradesman or woman worth their salt will have a decent toolkit, fit for purpose, never far from their capable hands. A trusty tape measure perhaps, a hammer with a nice hickory handle and a pencil behind the ear. These are but a few of the essentials for their profession.

    But what of those working in customer service? What is in their toolkit? For those in the hospitality industry, it may be a waiter’s friend and a pen and pad. In call centres; a headset and a keyboard. Just like the tradesman or woman, these tools need to be decent and fit for purpose. For those working in customer service, however, they need an extra tool kit. One which is always being added to and is never quite complete. The emotional toolkit. In there should be; excellent listening and communication skills, resilience, empathy, self-awareness, customer and guest awareness, mindfulness and more.

    For to be able to work with the public day in day out (without burning out) customer service staff need to be experts in human behaviour. The reason why this toolkit is never quite complete is because expertise is not about knowing everything, but about always being curious and always seeking to understand.

    By doing this we can truly connect with those around us, and a connected experience is always a good customer, guest and most importantly human experience.

    At ted Learning, we have several ted ready-made courses, as well as, a much more bespoke, offering; ted Couture. So, whatever your budget we can help upskill your people and their customer service toolkit. Oh, and did I mention, some of the great brands we’re already working with? Whittard of Chelsea, Lumo, Entain and Bloom & Wild to name but a few.

    Check out our website for more details… https://www.tedlearning.co.uk


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