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    Barnett Waddingham

    Throughout April, HR Briefing will throw the spotlight on some of the leading companies in the coaching skills sector…


    Farnham Castle Training bills itself as one of the world’s leading providers of cross-cultural training, and boasts over 50 years’ experience in working with leading national and international companies, and British and Overseas Government Agencies.

    The company helps its clients:

    • Develop a global mindset and cultural awareness
    • Move successfully into new markets
    • Develop and improve international competencies
    • Strengthen global presence and performance
    • Turn workforces into effective global teams

    Farnham Castle Training understands cultural diversity and prepares bespoke learning solutions, professionally delivered with the relevant levels of area expertise, business knowledge, practical skills, content delivery and follow up support.

    It designs course content specifically for companies’ needs, taking into account cultural and business experiences, and personal requirements, to ensure that delivery is relevant and adds value.

    The company also offers face-to-face and remote training, one to one and group sessions, interactive workshops, coaching, e-learning and webinars.



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