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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Payescape rolls out HRescape solution with GDPR in mind

    Belfast-based Payescape has launched its HRescape solution, which it says will dramatically reduce the time staff spend on HR administration and tasks, while keeping data security to the fore in terms of GDPR.

    The company says the HRescape software features ‘all of the tools a business needs to easily and effectively manage HR and reduce the internal time your staff spends on administration tasks’.

    “HRescape is helping HR departments with the challenges of GDPR compliance, employee data and tracking holidays,” said Adrian Geffert, Sales Director. “With HRescape you can also manage performance reviews and health and safety information.”

    Payescape says HRescape gives organizations transparency, which has proven to dramatically increase engagement among employees. HRescape also offers access to a support team when questions come up.

    The company offers various other solutions to HR departments, including online payroll management and time and attendance solutions.


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