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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Free pilot of our simulation “The Mosaic Game” virtual training from Profitability

    By Sara Moyler, Profitability

    Is your workforce suffering from virtual boredom? Are you looking for ways to make your virtual training engaging and fun?

    At Profitability we’ve spent the pandemic enabling teams to enhance their performance at work whilst restoring the connection and fun of working together. We have perfected the balance between delivering an engaging experience whilst ensuring rigorous and relevant learning which improves the bottom line.

    Trusted by over 500 clients for 30 years, our experiences rapidly develop commercial acumen, financial literacy and teamwork in live, synchronous learning events.

    We would like to offer you the opportunity to put selected members of your teams through a free half day session of our simulation “The Mosaic Game” to demonstrate how we can help virtual teams overcome challenges around isolation and disempowerment and ultimately enable them to work together more effectively.

    Please contact me at sara.moyler@profitability.com for further information.



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