• Barnett Waddingham
    Barnett Waddingham
  • Let IPC scan your leavers and current paper based HR files

    By IPC Group

    The world of employment is changing, but HR departments of companies where staff redundancies are involved, may well be inundated with requests for staff to have copies of their files including qualifications / certifications.

    This is a GDPR requirement as well as a way of supporting employees as they hopefully move on to new roles with other organisations.

    If you still have HR files in a paper based format, scanning them in a timely fashion with all the other pressures on the HR team, can be both time consuming and daunting.

    At IPC we have been involved with scanning information – both HR based and more – for over 25 years and can provide outsourced scanning for any size and volume of documents

    For more details follow this link https://www.ipcdocumentscanning.co.uk/hr-record-scanning.html.

    Or call us today on 08081 45 46 47 to discuss your specific needs.


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