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    Barnett Waddingham
  • Is the UK suffering from employee benefits inequality?

    The Future of Work research study commissioned by Grass Roots Employee Solutions has revealed that employee benefits inequality exists within UK companies, estimating 35 per cent of employees not receiving any benefits or rewards from their employers, and male senior full-time workers claiming to get far more than their colleagues.

    Although 90 per cent of HR managers state they are confident in their benefits strategies, one in three employee respondents say their ‘benefits pot’ is completely empty, and part-time workers are suffering far worse than their full-time counterparts. Seven per cent of full time workers don’t receive any financial benefits beyond pay but 26 per cent of part time roles are in this position. In addition, over half of part-timers receive no wellbeing or productivity support at all compared to around one third of full-timers.

    Commercial director at Grass Roots, Stephen Holt, commented on the study: “There could be many factors affecting why people appear to get different access to benefits and definitely some cases of inequality, but we think that the relevance of a benefits offer to different demographics of worker is also likely to impact their awareness of what’s available to them.”


    Access the full research here


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