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  • Industry Spotlight: Prepared for critical incidents

    Are you able to look after your people following a critical incident? can you support a colleague experiencing personal issues at home?

    We are the Centre for Crisis Psychology (CCP) and we partner with many top UK businesses who trust our expertise following critical or traumatic incidents, large or small.  We work across all industries, including travel (airlines, tour operators, road hauliers, travel agents and train operating companies) retail, insurance and financial.

    Emotional trauma, in the broad sense, can be caused by incidents such as robberies, accidents, fires, terrorist attacks, hostage taking, suicide and other sudden deaths.  It can also result from common domestic and work related issues such as divorce, domestic violence, stress, harassment, redundancy, capability etc

    Following a traumatic incident your response is critical and you have one chance to get it right.  Being prepared is key, having an established trauma care procedure in place reduces the stress for those involved, protects their psychological welfare, safeguards your reputation and ensures business continuity.

    With 30 years’ unrivalled experience we have responded to over 7500 trauma based incidents nationally and internationally.

    We deliver interactive and experiential training courses designed to prepare HR personnel and managers to learn how to support their customers and colleagues as part of their incident management plan.

    Our helpline is staffed 24 hours a day providing our customers with specialist support and advice following an incident.  Working around the clock we also provide bespoke employee assistance programmes.

    Call us on 01756 796383 to discuss your needs.


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