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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Mentorjam – Enable Connection. Share knowledge. Empower Progress

    Mentorjam is a Saas Mentoring and Community-building platform offering a tailor made solution to companies who run complex and large scale mentoring and employee community programs within their organisations.

    With knowledge sharing at their core, Mentorjam’s journey started as mentoring only Saas solution, however listening to the challenges and problems their clients faced they quickly extended their product offering to better support their clients needs.

    The Mentorjam digital solutions offer clients a unique approach to community building and knowledge sharing between members and employees – be that through Mentoring, Coaching or other learning methods.  Some of the key features include multi-program options, mentor-mentee smart matching, collaborative mentoring progress page, task and goal tracking, resource library, community discussions forum, event management, application management (including interns and graduate programs) and complex community analytics.

    The team at Mentorjam’s Mission is clear – “Make mentoring accessible to everyone!”

    All 3 co-founders are deeply passionate about the power of mentoring and community building.  Be that creating communities within businesses or helping their clients to nurture and strengthen the communities they already have. “We love working with clients who are equally passionate about sharing knowledge through experience.”  Having a sense of community unites us and by being part of a community can help us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves.

    Mentoring encourages an organisation or community to learn and grow together, to share experiences and knowledge, and level up across the board.  Research also proves that mentoring is one of the most effective methods to support and promote diversity and inclusion in an organisation.

    Connect with Mentorjam if you are:

    • Passionate about Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
    • Building an digital Community
    • Creating a Mentoring program

    Mentorjam – Enable Connection. Share knowledge. Empower Progress.

    To make a difference in this world we should inwardly reflect on what we can share, teach or learn from others to really deliver change.  To find out working with Mentorjam could help you drive change to make that difference.  Book a call with one of the team at  www.mentorjam.com


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