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    Barnett Waddingham
  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Looking for the right advice for one of the most important employee benefits?

    Employees rank Health Insurance as one of the Top 3 employee benefits and employers regularly see the return on investment when less time off work is needed to due to GP appointments, waiting for a diagnosis or having treatment.

    Studies show that around 8 days are lost per year by an employee due to sick days.
    For those relying on the NHS, they may have to wait weeks or even months to be treated. This results in reduced productivity, not to mention morale.

    With a company Health Insurance scheme, employees get a quick diagnosis and treatment, with the choice of being close to home or work.

    Private GP facilities are becoming more popular, with two large insurers now offering this benefit, meaning even everyday health concerns need not lead to unnecessary time off work.

    Cost to the company is often a barrier to providing this valued benefit but in addition to the potential of increased staff retention and productivity, there are also likely savings on corporation tax.

    Why use a broker?

    Medisurance provide independent, regulated and free advice to companies off all sizes.

    Our pledge to you

    • We will establish your needs and make suggestions where appropriate to understand how health insurance can benefit your employees whilst being respectful of company objectives and budgets
    • We will complete a full review of the market including in-depth negotiations using our well established relationships with insurers to obtain the very best costs available
    • We will liaise with insurers to coordinate employee presentations
    • We will assist with year round administration of the scheme including joiners and leavers, issuing invoices and claims disputes
    • We will continue to review the market every year, always ensuring that your company is paying the best possible premium for the desired level of cover
    • We will provide all of these services free of charge, having a broker involved does not effect the premium

    Contact Emily Page today on 020 3866 7007 or Emily.Page@medisurancehealth.co.uk.



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