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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Engage & Grow – A powerful solution to the UK’s chronically low level of employee engagement

    Richard Maloney Engage & Grow

    Deloitte recently stated that engagement is the one key element every successful business needs but most businesses have terrible engagement levels. In fact, Gallup recently reported 57% of UK employees were not engaged and 26% were actively disengaged. Thankfully, Engage & Grow has been developed to bring the passion back for employees and organisations.

    Pioneering programme

    “We’re pioneering a new way to advance business systems, behaviour and culture. It’s not coaching and it’s not training; it’s a facilitation of change,” says Engage & Grow CEO and Founder, Richard Maloney (pictured, above).

    In less than two years from its launch, the UK team has grown to 49 coaches, illustrating how valuable their Group Activation System is. The company is based in 77 countries, working across sporting, government and banking sectors as well as with business owners and HR managers.

    “Unlike traditional employee and leadership training, no pens and paper are required,” says Maloney. “Traditional training is over. People’s brains are full. They go to a one-day workshop and retain that information for a couple of days afterwards, then it’s gone.”

    Engage & Grow coaches build leaders in their own fish pond. This approach has resulted in an average increase in engagement of:

    • 227% for SMEs
    • 336% for Corporate & Public Sector clients

    “We take them on a journey and we get them to own their whole work environment in a way that’s empowering and creative. It’s a great model for millennials and older generations to connect and to expand,” explains Maloney, adding that every business has a heart and brain.

    “Your brain is your systems, programmes and predicts. And your heart is your relationships, communications, culture and leadership. At its core, we develop the hearts of a business by helping people to understand themselves and each other better.”

    Rich Wainwright was the first person in the UK to become an Engage & Grow coach in December 2015 and delivered the first programme in January 2016 after his training to become a facilitator of change. “If you understand or have a passion for HR or business growth, Engage & Grow could be for you. It’s about facilitation and activation. You don’t need to be a trained coach or presenter. It’s about asking the group a question and facilitating them to come up with their own answer. The results are powerful,” said Wainwright.

    The impact of Engage & Grow

    Engage & Grow is suitable for organisations with at least 5 employees as the weekly sessions are best facilitated in a group environment. Rich Wainwright has recently completed the programme with a precision engineering and manufacturing services company. Business owners, James Butcher and Gareth Jones were delighted with the changes it brought for them and their team.

    “The Engage & Grow programme has brought the team closer together,” said Butcher. “We communicate better and have a drive for a collective goal. It’s identified people who want to take on more responsibility and it’s stamped out negative behaviours. It’s fostered a culture of ownership and that can only help in the company’s growth.”

    Next steps

    If you would like to find out more about this powerful solution then contact Kerry today on 01284 701 648 or email uk@engageandgrowglobal.com.


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