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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: BHSF Connect – tech your employees will appreciate

    By BHSF

    How we work and communicate is changing fast. 40% of UK employees now use a mobile device for some work tasks[1].  Employees increasingly expect to do everything they want from their smartphones.

    Health and wellbeing provider, BHSF understands this desire, creating BHSF Connect, an innovative app hosting health, wellbeing and lifestyle services all in one place. 

    BHSF Connect empowers employees to take control of their own emotional, physical and financial wellbeing, connecting them to the support they need, wherever and whenever they need it. 

    Services, like the 24/7 GP Helpline, are often needed outside working hours. In 2018, 43% of calls to the BHSF GP helpline were at evenings, weekends or at night. BHSF Connect ensures employees know where to turn when they need help the most.

    3 tips for getting the most out of BHSF Connect and other HR Tech

    Investing in HR tech is only the beginning. To get the most out of BHSF Connect, or any other app, employees must understand the proposition and how it helps them. Here’s our top tips.

    1. Demonstrate the benefits

    Despite advances in modern working practices, employees seem to be more stressed than ever. Be careful that introducing new tech doesn’t case more stress. 

    Action: Clearly demonstrate the benefits the new tech offers your employees. Show them the positive benefits and how it will change their lives for the better. 

    • Communication is key

    Technology will only be successfully introduced if employees know why they have it and how it will help them. Getting that message across over the noise of everything else happening in a busy organisation can be tricky. 

    Action: Get your internal communications or marketing teams involved. Use their knowledge to find the best way to reach employees, create messages that cut through and develop a launch plan. 

    • Make the most of suppliers

    Who knows the technology better than the company that built it? Use their expertise to get your organisation to fully embrace it. 

    Action: Ask suppliers for supporting materials, case studies and their time, to help you introduce their product in the best way possible. 

    Visit http://bit.ly/2ON4KbL  to find out more about BHSF Connect. 

    [1] Research from Deloitte, 2018 


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