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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Amphigean manager training

    Manager training is being transformed. Too often new Managers are onboarded using long, face-to-face workshops, held during their first few months in the role.​

    Such workshops may include information on policies and procedures covering topics such as the organisation, Health and Safety, Attendance, Performance, Pay, Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion, Equality, and Systems. ​

    This approach presents a number of ongoing challenges:​

    • There is too much information for the Manager to retain​
    • Spending time trying to remember such detail does not add any value to the Manager performance nor the business​
    • Often the detail provided varies based on the facilitator being used to deliver the training​
    • When the Manager needs to use and apply the knowledge and capability, they have forgotten about it​
    • When they need to recap a policy/procedure or how to handle a situation, they don’t know where to find the information and when they do it is often too complex or inconsistent/out-of-date​

    For those reasons, and also fuelled by the impact of Covid-19, organisations are now embracing digital alternatives.​

    This is much more than just converting that classroom onboarding training to online webinars – instead it is a fundamental rethink about the requirements of new Managers and how best to support them.​

    Find out more about how we can create your own Manager toolkit.

    Contact: Gail Jones

    email: gjones@amphigean.com

    tel: 07436 139378



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