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    Barnett Waddingham
  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: 4me digital employee benefits – The key to a happier, engaged workforce

    By Barnett Waddingham

    When we designed 4me, Barnett Waddingham’s digital employee benefits platform, we wanted it to be a simple, online package that would help employers communicate benefit options to their employees.

    Built with flexibility and adaptability in mind, the aim was for 4me to give Human Resource departments the ability to personalise the benefits they offer to suit both their businesses and their employees.

    Above all, we wanted to provide a platform that would result in a happier, engaged workforce who feel they are getting the most out of the benefits offered to them by their employers.

    How it works

    4me was designed to be as bespoke as possible. Every business will want something slightly different, so the “one size fits all” approach is no longer worthwhile. With that in mind, different pre-built solutions can be dropped into 4me, allowing for completely custom packages of benefits.

    4me works in tandem with existing benefits and providers as well, giving businesses the option for a “mix and match” approach. And our team have done the due diligence for our preferred providers, so you don’t need to; giving you the peace of mind about the choices you are offering.

    Employees using 4me benefit from a single online space that covers all of their benefits, from discounts and perks to pension management, all in one place.

    Case Study

    We worked with Lowell, one of Europe’s biggest credit management and litigation firms, to streamline and future proof their benefits package. Discover the results.


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