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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: UK in disarray through disengaged employees

    Engage & Grow

    By Engage & Grow

    Deloitte recently stated that engagement is one of the key elements every successful business needs but most businesses have terrible engagement levels. In fact, Gallup reported 57% of UK employees did the bare minimum to keep their job and 26% actively went against what the company wanted.

    Thankfully, Engage & Grow has been developed to bring the passion back for employees and organisations.

    Pioneering programme

    “We’re pioneering a new way to advance business systems, behaviour and culture. It’s not coaching and it’s not training; it’s a facilitation of change,” says Engage & Grow CEO and Founder, Richard Maloney.

    In less than two years from its launch, the UK team has grown to 49 facilitators, illustrating how valuable their Group Activation System is.

    “We take them on a journey and we get them to own their whole work environment in a way that’s empowering and creative. It’s a great model for millennials and older generations to connect and to expand,” explains Maloney.

    34% Revenue Growth & 42% Engagement Growth in ONLY 12 Weeks

    The Engage & Grow Employee Engagement programme has turned around Oakman Inns & Restaurants Sales Team and Marketing department from a highly disengaged team with a high turnover of staff to a profit making team with stability and higher levels of productivity and performance.

    Their Employee Engagement survey before the programme revealed an engagement score of 0%.

    There was a lack of passion and drive to go above and beyond in their day to day activities which was impacting the overall working environment and the team’s performance.

    Since the programme, Oakman Inns has noticed far better communication and unity, and is experiencing a higher level of service to both their external and internal customers.

    The team (pictured) has now stabilised and team members who had communicated their plan to leave the company at the start of the programme have now stayed, are committed to their colleagues and the company and are excited about being a part of and driving the overall vision set by the CEO.

    “Our Employee Engagement Specialist was inspiring and effective for our company, and has had a resounding impact on both the Marketing department and Sales team at Oakman Inns & Restaurants. Productivity, job satisfaction and inter-team relationships have all improved – Highly recommended,” said Jake Cooper, Head of Creative Services at Oakman Inns & Restaurants.

    Oakham Inns Team

    Oakham Inns Team

    Next steps

    If you would like to find out more about this powerful solution contact Kerry-Ann today on 01284 701 648 or email uk@engageandgrowglobal.com.


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