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    Barnett Waddingham
  • HR leaders ‘must consider automation’ in 2018

    HR leaders must consider the benefits and impact that automation has to offer in 2018, according, Alexander Mann Solutions.

    That view follows on from a report by the Future of Work Commission, which advises that allowing ‘21st-century machines’ to take on the heavy lifting and routine tasks of the future will let the human workforce focus on activities that generate larger economic benefits.

    Commenting on the findings, Laurie Padua, Director of Consulting at Alexander Mann Solutions, said: “The Future of Work Commission’s recent report supports what Alexander Mann Solutions has long projected: the rise of automation in the workplace is creating, rather than destroying, opportunities.

    “While the paper’s conclusion that ‘robots can set us free’ may sound dramatic, it’s true that automation has the potential to free up valuable time and resources, which can ultimately be better assigned to higher value tasks.

    “The impact that automation can have on productivity should not be underestimated. Looking at recruitment and HR specifically, robots can be deployed to undertake traditionally time-consuming administrative tasks around compliance, for example. This perhaps explains why recent research by Alexander Mann Solutions polling over 3000 senior HR professionals, found that 96% believe that AI has the potential to enhance talent acquisition and retention.”


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