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  • How to achieve digital employee engagement at scale

    By Maria V. Thomas and Petteri Paavilainen, Bitville

    As we pivot out of a disruptive year and a half, employee engagement becomes all the more vital to getting back on track. Whether the goal is to revamp the onboarding process, enrich workplace culture, or develop the leadership team, employee engagement remains the bedrock of workplace satisfaction and motivation.

    In better times, employee engagement took shape in interactive group sessions that involved catered lunches and branded freebies. But for many businesses, in-person team-building exercises and workshops are on pause for the foreseeable future. That’s why we at Bitville are helping global partners enable employee engagement through digital learning.

    So, what does that look like? Well, one of the best features about employee engagement across a digital landscape is flexibility. We can help you implement tailored digital learning as a primary or supplementary tool for employee engagement. And these tools can be supported by

    • Inspirational visuals and storytelling
    • A range of interactions
    • Surveys integrated into the learning flow
    • Blended learning, and
    • Feedback streams.

    Digital employee engagement

    Digital learning can be used to build employee engagement in so many ways, from informing and inspiring employees to rallying geographically dispersed individuals under a banner the company feels strongly about.

    In one customer case, we were challenged with inspiring the workforce to align with the company’s sustainability goals. How did we do it? We created a learning experience capitalizing on persuasive storytelling and digitally enabled social interactions. Through strategic messaging, interlaced with opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction and accountability opportunities, employees committed to environmentally friendly acts and got a chance to see their colleagues’ commitments too.

    Another client tasked us with encouraging the company’s safety leaders around the world to reflect – by themselves and together – on what makes up strong safety leadership, how to communicate difficult subjects and how to instil greater safety ownership. The training was made available within the client’s Workday Learning platform and utilized MS Office Forms-built surveys to gather input and to show learners what their fellow safety leaders thought about crucial safety issues. The training was supported with a self-assessment tool custom designed to encourage not only deeper self-reflection, but also to encourage thinking about a personal action plan for improving team safety.

    Not all digital or blended solutions, however, have to be closely linked to company strategy or vision. Sometimes just enabling employees to give thanks to others is enough to create a greater sense of belonging and team cohesion. So, we created a “Thank You” platform for one of our long-term partners. By integrating the application into MS Teams, we facilitated the process of simply giving thanks and recognition to a colleague and team member. And what began as a basic tool gained renewed importance during the pandemic.

    Unique, impactful, and at scale

    Be it this way or that, digital platforms and learning tools are powerful means for building employee engagement. Digital resources can be used to advance carefully crafted messages and enable a rich exchange of thoughts and ideas, both locally and at scale.

    Your company culture is unique. And that’s why we believe in coming together to design and create solutions that work to engage and inspire your people.


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