• Barnett Waddingham
    Barnett Waddingham
  • How MI can be used to improve employee experience

    By MyEva

    With millennials and generation Zs looking for more in a job than just a salary, the bar has been raised for employers to attract and maintain talent by providing the right culture and environment.

    In marketing, you have to understand the needs and behaviour of your customers in order to give them a product or service that you know they will buy. Data is drawn from market research surveys, digital analytics and buyer behaviours to gain a thorough understanding of customer groups.

    The same rules apply for employee retention; in this case, the employer takes the place of marketing and the employees become the customers. With a precise profile of the workforce, its motivations and wants, the company is better equipped to provide the right benefits and working environment to its staff.

    But what information is out there and what can HR teams do with this data?

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