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    Barnett Waddingham
  • GUEST BLOG: Workflow Automation Part Three – It’s time to move to a more digital way of working

    By Karen Guglielmo, Iron Mountain

    Part three of our series looks at how to move to a more digital way of working…

    Before we begin, a quick recap of parts one and two:

    Digital ways of working hold many benefits, but HR departments are still largely mired in paper-based and manual processes, most notably in recruiting and selection, employee onboarding, employee file management, policies and procedures administration and employee separation.

    Each of these functions are affected in specific ways (covered in-depth in part two), but the overarching theme is that a reliance on paper-based and manual processes results in too much time spent on process execution (i.e., searching through filing cabinets/saved files for relevant information) and not enough time on strategic, value-bringing initiatives (i.e., hiring the right candidate).

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