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  • GUEST BLOG: Top benefits of e-learning

    By Virtual College

    E-learning has come a long way over recent years, and is rapidly becoming companies’ go-to solution for training. So, why is this? What are the benefits?


    This has always been a selling point and with good reason. Traditional training methods rely on taking big chunks of your employees’ days. E-learning, on the other hand, can be done at the comfort of their desk or home. They can choose when they do it, and can easily break off when they need to, knowing they can return and pick up where they left off. This benefit cannot be stressed enough – learners love this!

    Cost effective

    Though there may be initial high development costs, the overall cost is actually lower than face-to-face training as it eliminates many of the related costs. It removes travel, accommodation, meal, venue or instructor costs. It also reduces any printing costs, as all the resources are digital. These costs are usually recurring for a company, but e-learning costs are usually a one-time occurrence as the materials can be reused.  

    Engaging learning technologies

    In the past, e-learning may have seemed unengaging and dull, using PowerPoint-like slides. But now it includes a wide variety of engaging technologies. At a minimum, quality e-learning providers use video, animations, beneficial graphics and provide supporting resources such as printouts, infographics, and case studies. But some are branching out further and using games, VR and AR, or using 3D elements, which can be fantastic if you want to explore something in more detail such as complex equipment, or even organs such as the heart!

    Overall, it’s becoming more inventive and the sky seems to be the limit. This is hugely beneficial to the learners, as this variety will keep them engaged and help embed the knowledge.


    It can be tailored to your needs. Though there are e-learning courses readily available, companies are increasingly turning to e-learning providers to develop a training programme which is unique to them. Working with the developers, they create a training programme that meets their specific needs, uses their terminology, addresses issues that may be unique to them and is designed in their brand, ensuring that they are putting their company and employees first.

    If you would like to discuss how your organisation can benefit from e-learning, please contact us on hello@virtual-college.co.uk.


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