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    By Virtual College

    Every month, Virtual College brings together L&D professionals from across different sectors to tackle the important L&D challenges of the day.

    These monthly informal Roundtable events, currently being hosted virtually, are an exciting opportunity to enter a shared L&D space and discuss current challenges, key industry trends and share best practice with your peers.

    Who are the events for?

    Ideal for Heads of L&D, Chief Learning Officers and L&D Managers

    Why should you go?

    They are a great peer-learning experience and a way of gaining insights into how other professionals are tackling the big current challenges we are all facing. But the insights don’t stop with the event, you will also receive post-event resources to support the discussion topics.

    What topics are covered?

    They make sure to cover any relevant topic. Recent topics have been:

    • How L&D teams can support their business through COVID-19
    • How to maximise productivity and manage teams in unsettling times
    • Measuring success vs impact, and stakeholder engagement
    • Learner engagement and the future of digital learning

    How do they work?

    Hosted virtually by Virtual College’s Learning Technology Consultants, the event is designed to be relaxed and open. It comprises a guest speaker, breakout rooms where you can openly and honestly discuss the current topic, and a discussion session where everyone comes together and shares their insights.

    Who are Virtual College?

    Virtual College specialise in digital learning solutions, and are no stranger to the challenges and changes that the industry is facing today. This is why they are passionate about bringing fellow L&D professionals together – to help, guide, support and learn from each other.

    Get in touch

    If you would like to attend an event, please visit our Eventbrite page, or contact Mandeep Kullar at mandeep.kullar@virtual-college.co.uk, if you would like more information.



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